• As a boy, David Greenall would colour in pictures from the newspapers – but admits he wasn’t too keen on art at school. 

    Born on Merseyside in 1947, the Lewis-based artist would occasionally make his way into art galleries on rainy days.  However, it wasn’t until Christmas 1974 when he had nothing else to do that David truly began painting – and found himself hooked for life.

    A friendship with fellow-painter, Michael Reynolds, was instrumental in David’s artistic journey.  Michael passed on a wealth of knowledge to David, sharing techniques and skills that shaped David’s style.

    David later moved to Norfolk and worked as a fisherman, often painting on the boat when it wasn’t his turn to steer.  In 1982, David began a year-long foundation course at Norwich School of Art, and then earned a BA Honours degree at Winchester School of Art in 1986. 

    David and Ruth have lived in South Dell in the Outer Hebrides for the past thirty years, where the ever-changing scenery and varying moods of his surroundings inspire David’s landscape paintings. 

    David’s studio is located in a converted byre in their garden and visitors are always welcome.

  • It’s all about capturing the atmosphere.

    “I want people to feel they know the places in my paintings just from seeing my art,” says David. 

    During his childhood in Liverpool, David was struck by the city’s personality and the way it constantly changed from silent to dynamic. 

    As he lives in the Western Isles, David finds himself drawn to the dazzling beaches of Harris and Lewis, capturing the contrast between where the land ends and the ocean begins and illustrating the effects of sunlight and shadow on the Hebridean landscapes.

    David creates evocative images of windswept Lewis cliffsides, rain-soaked Wharfedale scenes, colourful Norfolk fields and rust-coloured peat banks.  Each painting is rich with atmosphere, capturing the personality of the place through David’s eyes.