• “I’m never quite sure how it happens.”

    From the first lines of a sketch to the finished painting, David’s artistic process is an exciting and unpredictable journey. 

    After making three or four initial drawings, David will annotate them with initials depending on the colour he wants to use – essentially creating a coded map for his painting.  David will then commence painting – and the adventure begins!

    “Sometimes it stays more or less how I started it – and other times it evolves into something completely different,” admits David.  “The work I’m doing now surprises me.”

  •  Years spent drawing has resulted in a library of sketch books, spread all over the studio! 

    David was inspired to keep sketch books when a friend and fellow-artist took him to view Turner’s sketchbooks in the 1970’s.  David was allowed to look through the sketches and was amazed by the detail conveyed in just a few pencil strokes.  “I had been using sketchbooks before then, but it just became an absolute method after that,” he explains.  “Turner’s books were so brilliant – so tiny but portraying the city of Rome in scale.  A lot of artists don’t use sketchbooks – but that’s what got me into them.”

    David’s sketchbooks often act as a portal through his many years of drawing.  Old sketches of the places he has lived and worked can be transformed into a painting at any time – meaning that David is never short of inspiration.

    To visit David’s studio and view his art, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make an appointment.